Main features

iOrnament is designed for artistic expressiveness and mathematical correctness at the same time. Below you find a quick introduction into the most important features.

Pattern drawing

You draw and iOrnament repeats your strokes by rules of symmetry. By this you generate stunning patterns already with just one stroke.

– support for all possible symmetry patterns

– mathematical completeness

– mandala drawings

– color symmetries

– support for non-euclidean symmetries

Brushes and pens

iOrnament comes with a wide range of expressive pens and brushes. You can freely manipulate their properties and adapt them to your needs.

– wide palette of colors

– specific gold and glitter pens

– customizable brush settings

– color gradients

– advanced fill options

Image Import

Import Images from your Photos App or other sources. Create your really personalised Mandalas and patterns (from Vers. 2.0)

– simple import by 'drag & drop'

– full symmetry support for images

– pen and gradient colors

– free positioning

– supports 'lift object from ground'

Geometric Deformations

iOrnament supports also symmetries that belong to advanced geometric situations like hyperbolic symmetries (Circle Limits) or spiral symmetries and more

– hyperbolic symmetry groups

– symmetries on a ball

– spiral symmetries

– connection to iOrnament Crafter