iOrnament and iOrnament Crafter
Check out our apps iOrnament and iOrnament Crafter. The Crafter allows to create 3D paper models from ornamental patterns created with iOrnament and from your own photos.
  • build platonic solids,
  • create Kaleidocycles,
  • create spiral patterns,
  • export looping animated GIFS,
  • explore hyperbolic geometry,
  • seemlessly interacts with iOrnament
For more information visit iOrnament and iOrnament Crafter directly at the Apple App Store.

Science-to-touch is a collection of projects which are aimed at interactive visualization of science. The basic philosophy behind the project is that visualization and interactivity makes science accessible, understandable and fun. Science-to-touch provides high quality content that helps to get in touch with various interesting topics. All projects sre equally creative, informative and accessible. Get in touch with it!

Touch devices:
A particular aim of the science-to-touch project is to create software for touch devices. This software should provide a natural way to interact with the images and imaginations behind scientific concepts. The first project available in this context is the iOrnament app, a drawing and explanation tool for the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups. This app provides a highly creative drawing environment for symmetric patterns, as well as lots of interactive background explanations on this topic.

The work on the science-to-touch project is influenced by several related projects. Among them is in particular the designing of hands-on math exhibitions. One of them is the ix-quadrat at the campus of Technical University Munich. I am also responsible for an interactive touch screen installation at the Deutsche Museum München and at the Mathematikon in Heidelberg. In all these exhibitions we provide playful and creative environments that invite to interact with science.

Our Apps:
The award winning symmerty app. Create stunning ornamental patterns. Creative, relaxing, artistic, scientific,... (more)
iOrnament Crafter
Create Platonic solids and other 3D models from ornamental patterns. Export hypnotic ornamental videos.
Math to touch
Math is beautiful! See it experience it. Interactive animations guide you through interestic topics from symmetry to chaos theory.
Mind the Gap
Looking for a high end language game: here it is! Improve your English no matter if you are a native speaker or an efl learner. Fun included! (more)
TUM interactive
Have you ever wondered what science at a University looks like? Explore our 14 faculties in a playful way. (more)

Related projects:
The creation of interactive web based materials is another important related activity. In collaboration with Ulli Kortenkamp I am author of the interactive mathematics software Cinderella. This award winning software provides a rapid prototyping tool, for interactive visualizations for mathematics, physics and related topics. Based on Cinderella is the project Mathe-Vital. This project provides a collection of almost 500 interactive pages that support learning of mathematics on a university level. Mathe-Vital won the trinational MedidaPrix contest in 2008. More information in the related project section.

Comments on our projects: "iOrnament is a feast for the eyes of color, symmetry and design art. Gaze in wonder at your creations built on artistry, math and scientific formulas." "Let your creative side shine with this entertaining art app" "[Using iOrnament] felt similar to the way it feels when improvising music or building up a rhythm in a sequencer. Unexpected strands keep popping up, and the joy is in following them and seeing where they lead." "Über­haupt macht diese App Jung und Alt gleichsam Spaß, ob ambi­tio­niert oder ein­fach drauf los, hier ent­steht Kunst! [......] iOr­na­ment ist ein phan­tas­ti­sches Kreativ-Werkzeug für das iPad und iPhone. Ohne Zweifel eine Must Have App par exzellence."